Friday, October 19, 2007

Come join us and live an inspired life.....LolaRue and Company begins.

The boutique is locally owned by Lisa Orme with great assistance by Kelly Jewart and Gosha Swearingen. For years Lisa, Kelly, families and friends have hosted annual holiday open houses on Fox Hollow Road. Now their pursuing their dream of opening an eclectic little boutique.....introducing LolaRue and Company....An eclectic combination of vintage and new furnishings, gifts, and accents for the home. Some handmade and designed locally. Everyday objects used in a not so everyday way. Casual elegance with a rustic twist. Funky clothes and accessories to spice things up a bit. Grand opening is November 3, Saturday.......Join us and celebrate the day! We are located in downtown Bloomington, Indiana at 531 North College Avenue. Hours 10:30-6:00 Monday-Saturday, closed Sunday..... Ring:812-323-7010 Stay tuned for more excitement and future postings. Love and Peace, Lisa

Let the fun begin

Such exciting events that lead up to a store opening... Today is October 18.....16 days and counting til our official GRAND OPENING...The nail biting, the continued self doubt.... Do we have enough? Do we have too much? Will they love everything as much as we do? The store is evolving everyday with the arrival of new shipments and fun and eclectic items made by the sisters etc.....We are having the times of our lives and hope you all join us November 3..... Dreaming of the Day, Lisa