Sunday, December 9, 2007


Tuesday evening
Dec 18.....6:30-9:00 pm
& Wednesday morning
Dec 19....10:30am-1:00pm

Our second project class is scheduled. We will be making a solder pendant hosted by Ms Hope Ellington herself. Aren't we excited! There will be two classes of 12 and classes will fill up fast so call in to the store or email me to reserve a spot. Cost of the class is $25.00 prepaid please and all materials are included as well as some goodies to eat. The ideas for this pendant are endless and I'm sure you've all seen examples of Hope's work. If you have not then see the pictures here and gather some ideas to sandwich in between the glass of your pendant and come join us! You could use a personal picture of your kids, significant other, etc. or you could use a font letter from the store stamps. Your initial perhaps or just a special word typed on the computer and collaged together with some fun scrap paper. The possibilities are endless. The pendant will measure 1" x 3" so plan accordingly. If you are planning on using a picture, you will need to bring a picture that is already reduced and ready to sandwich between glass.

Call 323-7010 or email to reserve your space. The spaces are limited so reserve early! The classes will probably be about 2- 2 1/2 hours...

The store has been buzzing this week. New things coming in everyday from various local artists as well as some great deals we just could not pass up from several out of town vendors. We have passed those deals on to you so please stop in this week and check out the new shipments. A lovely new jewelery line coming in Thursday as well as some of our handpainted windows, paper wreaths, and hand done holiday cloches that you won't want to miss.
Have a Beautiful week......


  1. The paper wreaths are just out of this world. My best friend bought two. I am telling you that things are unique and trendy and wonderful. If you didn't participate in the first class then you missed out on some fun girl night activity. I for one crave this. When Lisa says new things come in all the time she isn't joking...I personally check weekly and haven't been dissappointed.

  2. Are you talking about the wreath that was made out of old book pages? I saw that the other day...wonderful!

    I absolutely adore this store and have told so many of my friends about it. :-)