Monday, February 2, 2009

My love-hate relationship with blogging....

At some point one would think as much as I love to read the blogs that I would love to post my blog but such is not the case...
I am not a very technical kinda of gal. Give me a screwdriver, staple gun, glitter, glue and some old sheet music and you could walk away with a new car BUT give me a keyboard and cable to plug in somewhere to download something and my stress levels rise.....Why can't I enjoy it as an artistic endeavor! Well I am determined, this blog thing starts now! I am not to be intimidated! I 've been given some wonderful diy pointers for the store's blog and I'm off and running. Check in frequently because the fun begins today! My girls are going to be so proud of me....
Classes, classes, classes.
We all love the classes.....
Created and taught by Hope Ellington
Wednesday, February 11, 2009 6:00 pm...Cost $30.00
This such a beautiful little box. I was blessed enough to be given this today by Hope and just had to get her to create and share this with everyone! Beautiful velvet , felt, lovely little wings. Her details are always so amazing and you will cherish this little gem! The sliding box measures 3 x 4.5" and is such a treasure. Everything needed is included in your class kit so come play! Original is on display at the store for all to see.....
(who needs a Red B??? Bag....Create your own)
Created and taught by Cherie Wilson
Wednesday , February 18, 6:00 pm...Cost $32.00
When this tote was offered as a class, we all passed on it but sweet Cherie. Then we saw her bag after class and how very sorry we were... Her bag was the best, cutest, need to have thing we'd seen in all our class offerings! In this class you will embellish and create your own beautiful tote. Your class kit will include everything you need but a potato.....Bring your own potato girls....(you'll see, I promise) If you have something in mind that you would like to add to your bag, and you will feel truly blessed after taking it!
Thanks to all for such a fantastic first year.....We feel truly blessed and appreciate every one's support during such a tumultuous time! Lovely new things coming in the door every day this week and next. New comfy tshirts from one of every one's favorite line. Gorgeous zinc home accessories, a new candle line that I'm sure you all will love!
Peace and Love,